The Process

It's all about the base spirit. It needs to be as clean as possible, free of any congeners (the flavour compounds such as esters, aldehydes and the rest that have been known to be one of the causes of the dreaded hangover we all know and fear). The botanicals used release different flavours depending on the ethanol concentration and some are more prominent in water compared to ethanol. Juniper has been the main botanical used because of its history as a panacea for all sorts of ailments. The British discovered gin through Dutch soldiers who used to drink a juniper flavoured spirit called genever and this helped coin the phrase “Dutch courage”. The thing that makes Apothecary so unique is that no other place in Edinburgh, or even Scotland, can give customers the opportunity to drink both beer and spirits that have been made on-site by people who have an in depth understanding behind the science.

The Still

Our EiDYN spirits and botanics are all handcrafted using our 30L copper pot still Kalitza, which comprises of three vessels, the kettle, the thumper and the condenser. After the botanicals are soaked for 24 hour in neutral spirit to release the flavours and essential oils they are heated in the kettle to boiling point. As alcohol has a lower boiling point than water the alcohol vapours first rise up the column and condense into the thumper. The hot condensed alcohol then boils again in the thumper creating a second distillation before the double distilled vapour then condenses and flows into the collecting vessel.